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Like every state of India, there is something fascinating about Rajasthan too.

This is the land of vibrant hues, massive forts, delectable cuisines and regal culture. The warmth in the heart of Rajasthan people and the myriad of colors in its landscape make Rajasthan tour a must-visit place for everyone.

This place is famous for its exquisite palette where you will find red sands, royalty dipped in blue, pink blush of Jaipur and most beautiful-amber sunsets. Escape from the monotony of life and surrender yourself to the gush of the conquering wind and the melody of trinkets. Everything is so mesmerizing about this vivid city that you can acknowledge with KukuTrip’s affordable Rajasthan Holiday Travel Packages.

The chaos of city life cannot follow you here as this place is all about bliss and serenity. For the people who admire art, Rajasthan would be no less than a treat. Breathtaking sounds and sights of this place will drift you to the folk lore. Music, dance and art are beautifully woven into this place to give you many pleasant memories after the trip.

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